The way of looking after brittle hair


For numerous of us the hair that we have is our crowning splendour. However, when you have weak and brittle hair, it is able to feel like everything but good. Weak, brittle hair most frequently has by a dry, delicate, and spoilt appearance and feel. The cause being the whole lot from unwarranted heat styling to an excessive number of consecutive chemical procedures, brittle hair is able to be tough to manage.

However, by abiding by some straightforward hair care & styling tips, and keeping a great hair care schedule, you are able to give your hair its past glory back. Read on to know about precisely the way of looking after weak hair for improving its appearance and feel.

What the cause of Weak, brittle Hair?

The hair has two diverse parts, which are the root and hair shaft. We get to see the shaft and the shaft’s exterior shell is known as the cuticle. Whenever your hair’s perfectly fine, the cuticle stays even on the strand, is anti wear, and defends against outer aggressors.

As time passes, this cuticle can get compromised. This, it may not stay even any more! Though there’re some factors that we can’t control that is able to be the cause of this there could be other factors that we could be causing. Brushing of the hair the incorrect way, being forceful with damp strands, the excessive use of hot tools are some instances. And compromised hair gets weak and brittle and with time this could be the cause of the whole lot from dryness and hair frizz and to split ends and also breakage.

Looking after brittle Hair

The hair is the most susceptible when it’s damp. Thus, one must handle damp hair very lightly. A part of looking after weak hair trying to brush the hair ahead of having a shower for removing tangles. Following a wash make use of combs with wide teeth or uniquely-designed damp brushes.

For looking after weak hair you must know that heat is the greatest foe of healthy hair. While you’re out in the open in the scorching sun, have a hat on. While inside the shower, try keeping the water lukewarm and try rinsing cold for helping the cuticle stay even!

As brittle hair is frequently dry try integrating hydrating hair care items into your schedule.

Just as with heat styling you must try and not shampoo too often.


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