Things you need to know about skin care programs


With so many beauty salons and parlors at bay, women are rushing towards various beauty therapies. There are various skin care programs that are advertised like gold facial, gem facial and diamond facial. The basic principle is however the same in all.

The various skin care programs

The various skin care programs that you need to know are cleansing, toning, exfoliation and moisturizing and last but not the least, hydration. These therapies can be performed at home as well and you can DIY at home. Cleansing which should be done at night comprises of removing the grease and the pollutants with the help of a soft cotton and cleanser. Choose a cleanser which is mild and gentle and cleanse the face in upward strokes. The dirt would be removed after this massage.


Toning is the next step of skin care programs where the excess dirt would need to be removed and the skin would be tightened with the help of a toner. If you are planning for a toning session at home, try it as soon as you are back. Exfoliation is important after toning because it helps to exfoliate the skin, scrub out the dirt particles and the dead skins and cells. Ensure not to use harsh exfoliates. Try sugar which is a natural exfoliate.


Moisturizing is the next step where you would need to apply a soft cream in generous amounts so that it does not cause dying of the skin. Massage the skin in an upward stroke so that the skin can be tightened. Moisturizers work best when they are applied after steam or when skin is moist. They help to absorb the cream inside the skin and make it soft. The programs if performed in the best way can take care of your skin well.


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